Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Why You Should Start Blogging Today?

Should you have in mind the slightest and remotest idea about starting your own blog, you should consider at least the following issues I mention, since they may mark the thin line that separates a blog from failure to success.

About your audience: Identify the type of audience your blog may be aimed to. It is a high priority issue to get to know about the type of people you want to visit your blog. Think if it will be of interest for businessmen, writers, readers, photographers… Be concrete!

About your posts: Re-group a good bunch of articles or at least some ideas that allow you to keep the blog updated from the beginning and during a period of time that is enough to keep readers interested. It’s depressing visiting a blog and realizing that the owner updated it a year ago… and what’s worse, it has just two posts. Be constant!

About comments: Invite your friends and colleagues to visit it, since it is a very nice opportunity to let them know about your likes, opinions and ideas (though if they are really good friends they already should know yours!). That’s the best way I know to start receiving comments, and thus, showing other potential visitors that your blog is of interest. Get visitors!

About design: Think about an attractive name and brand image for your blog. Great colors, a well structured web page design and so on are also important, since a very gloomy design can prevent people from stopping by. Sell image!

About stats: Though it may be discouraging at the beginning of the life of your blog, do please get a nice stats widget (you may well hide it in your website for the first few weeks until the blog starts having important stats that allow you to show your numbers). Be conscious!

And, trying to get an answer to the title of this post, you should try blogging if you feel the need to share your interests and opinions, if you consider yourself to have something interesting to tell to the world (be it pictures, texts…), or should you want to unify your social network account, completing it with a blog.

Should you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me al asalbares(at)


Juanma said...

Que tal va todo Antonio. Espero que bien.
Joer, hablo un poco de ingles, pero me he `perdido.
Abrigate que viene frio.
Un fuerte abrazo Antonio.

Markosy said...

Buenos días Juanma,

Todo bien, pensando en regresar a La Mongie a mediados de marzo.

Mucho frío en Madrid pero al menos en la ciudad nada de nieve. Quizás deba buscarla en La Pinilla o subir a Navacerrada.

Un abrazo,