Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I’ve been trying to become more modern by dedicating every day a few minutes to reading ebooks in my iPad device. Though I have to admit it is comfortable reading while in bed, without any need to have your lamp on, I still prefer a “real” book, the one with white pages, an attractive cover, and most of all, its “aroma”. Opening a book brings me lots of smells, and I love them all, since it invites me to start reading.

Though Kindle, iBooks and I guess a whole bunch of other reading tools provide easy ways to mark your reading and take notes, I find nothing can replace writing on your own paper book, searching for notes through the hundreds of books I may have in my library, and getting to remember why I took that note and when.

These are basically the main reasons why I still don´t become an e-reader myself, and to support that option, I bought today three books (the ones with white pages and colourful covrs), one of them for a little kid (a present for a neighbour, friend of my child), and two for myself, one from Siri Hustvedt – The Shaking Woman or A History of my Nerves and another named Liquid Life, from Zygmunt Bauman.

With the book from Siri, the first one I read of this author, wife of Paul Auster, I try to get to know about the nerve problems Siri seems to have, and being myself a very nervous person, I hope it helps me understand most of the reasons (tonight I wasn´t able to sleep properly once again…)

And Zygmunt Bauman? Well, it’s been some time since I’ve been hearing about this author, and due to the current financial (and social) crisis we are involved in… or maybe we are being involved in, I would like to read about his opinions on consumption, social costumes and patterns, and views on everything he considers important.

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