Monday, 19 March 2012

More apps I love to use in my iPad

Since I am kind of a nervous type and tend to store & stuff as much info as I can into my brain (thing that makes me forget about the important… and not so important things frequently), I trust on apps like the one I comment in this post.


I spend part of my day (a nice part of it!) reading (be it books, novels, reports, emails, …) and hearing / listening to relevant ideas and opinions. I’m a bit of a Bob Sponge regarding my interest in learning hahahaha!


For that reason, I’m lately unloading and unpacking all the interesting issues I may read or get to know during the day in my EverNotes “repository”.


As soon as I detect or identify an interesting issue going on in my Twitter account, I forward it to my EverNotes app so I can take a deeper look at it later on in the day or even keep it as a future idea for any project I may be involved in.


The use of EverNotes with Twitter is as easy as one may think. To store a Tweet that caught your attention you just have to:


-         First, follow the EverNotes account in Twitter

-         And that’s all, you are ready to send your important reads to your EverNotes “cahier/notepad” by sending a Tweet to @myen with the original Tweet


For example, if I received a Tweet that says:


@asalbares Wow, do read this article Antonio


And I want to read it later on, I just have to Retweet it by RT @myen and that’s it!


That way, you have immediately available for you to read, the article, comment, photo or whatever you may interested in.


The other option I often use involves my email. This second choice is my favourite when having an idea that I think is worth publishing in my Blog. I first write an email, and then send it to my EverNotes email account with the following cast in the address: MyEverNotesAccount name plus name of the folder where I want the entry to be stored (preceded by @) plus any tag preceded with a #. And that’s it. From there I can access my post via iPad and publish it comfortably from my sofa.


For example, to prepare this post I wrote it in my gmail account and then send it to


MyEverNotesAccount @Blog #EverNotes #iPad


The same applies for FaceBook, though I’m not an eager fan of this app, after I discovered the amazing possibilities that Twitter gives me, apart from reminding me of a birthday or showing-off how an incredible bunch of friends I have.

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