Saturday, 24 March 2012

Bamboo Paper iPad Apps

A review on Bamboo Paper
Now that I’ve been using this wonderful app for iPad for more than a month and considering myself to be totally hooked on it, I guess I’m ready to Express my opinión on Bamboo Paper!
As a “beginner”, first I tried to get the best of Bamboo Paper at home, when taking some notes on some important ideas I wanted to keep in mind (befote getting to know the app, I used to miss lots of papers all over home, stuffed into book pages, left “unattended” on shelves, etc., papers that most of the time get lost or into the dustbin.
After the nice experience of making my ideas noted, I just decided to take it to my job, where I used it to make notes on a simple and easy meeting we were maintaning (I didn´t want to spoil an importante meeting by paying too much attention to Bamboo Paper). The experience again was great and nice, being able to make notes as the conversation was going on and getting to the important points commented. As a result, I could review anything later in the day.
And that leads us to the point where I am now, weeks after my first trial, enjoying so much the app that is it one of my favourite productivity apps.
Now, I take my iPad to every meeting I attend, and as soon as it finishes, I forward my notes to my EverNotes account, where I can read or revise everything relevant from the meeting, that way keep my agenda on course, being aware of important ideas to be implemented or simply letting me pay attention to the things that matter.
If my relationship with Bamboo Pape ris confirmed, I think I’m taking it with me all the time (cinema, restaurants, whatever and wherever I may be hahahahaha!) since my brain uses to keep boiling up with ideas all the time, and I don’t want to miss a thing… it’s been many years of (good?) ideas los tinto books, shelves, desks and drawers…
So, here it is my most sincere opinion to using Bamboo Paper as a productivity app.

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