Saturday, 4 July 2015

We want more Greece and more Europe!

A difficult moment for Europe. It's taken years, goverments and lots of pain to get to this moment.
Tomorrow, no doubt, will mark an important milestone for the evolution of the European Union.

Greece decided, overnight, to maintain a referendum on accepting or rejecting economic measures that allow the country to count on new loans, but at the cost of new austerity measures.

According to stats, both possible options ("yes" or "no" votes) are as close as they may be, so, any result is expected so far.

Though I am not in favour of asking my citizens on questions that seems to me should be part of a Government's decision, let me draw a few lines on what evolution can we expect from the different results the referendum may get.

Oxi -> economic situation is a nightmare, banks are about to collapse and money is flowing out of Greece at the fastest pace ever. If a "no" is to win over the referendum, and since both, the European Commission and the Greek Government are playing their positions to the limit, I guess the field to reach an agreement is vast

A "no", far from meaning the Greek people wants to leave the EU, would mean a new policy towards Greece's economic maladies is needed.

Nai -> should a "yes" be the result of the referendum, I guess, the Government should step down. It wouldn´t mean accepting new hard austerity measures, but a rejection of the way the Greek Government is currently leading its country and people, and a "no" to counting on the Party to go ahead with new negotiations and agreements.

To me, no matter which result gets out of the referendum, the IMF has already recognised policies imposed may haven´t been as correct as they should've been, a brave step forward must be taken by the EU Comission, get a lighter set of measures down on Greece, and impose a group of experts, that together with a new Goverment help establish measures both "friendly" to people and EU and measure effectively they are put into place.

Europe can't allow itself to miss out such a significant member as Greece, if it is to keep its enlargement process to the East and if it is to offer a serious image to the rest of the world.

Solidarity is needed, Greece must be helped out of the doldrums and get back on its feet, and after condoning part of the debt, measures must be put in place taking into account economic and stability growth.

As a wrapup, be it what it may, on Monday an agreement must be reached, both parties must agree on new steps and defend Greek and Europe of such a nonsense evolutions as this thing is taking.

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