Monday, 28 March 2016

10 Things that Speed my Motivation Up!

Just watched this video on TED conferences: Victor Küppers (Motivation)

It just keeps making me feel good everytime I watch it.

I know, some of you will say it's just a chatter, addressing his speech to a bunch of people who seem to have no troubles at all.

But, well, I like it! It's true we live difficult times (crisis, labour changes, getting older and not always more mature, ...), but as Victor asks for in his video, I just spent a few minutes thinking about the things that really give a meaning to all I do. I hope you also do the same exercise anytime you feel down and you'll find that most issues that seem to be a problem to you, are small obstacles in your life.

To start with the main "subjects" that make me feel better and help me boost my energy:

- My children (both of them, my son and my daughter)
- My parents (wow! a mirror to stare undefinitely, the main source of knowledge I have ever met, full of experiences and trustworthiness)
- My nephew, who is growing up at the speed of light and I feel like seeing myself more than 30 years back in life
- Every minor plan to those two short days called weekends
- A new book (just read The Big Short, The Martian, Hand to Mouth, ...)
- A walk on the mountains
- A descent on French Champagne Powder (La Mongie)
- A smile from my son
- A small hug (usually at the height of my knees) of my small daughter
- A work project abroad proposed by my wife (that is, seeing her really motivated!)

As just projects, visions without a certain date or certainty at all:

- A new life in the Heart of Europe (Europe seems so exciting when you live in a place like Spain, that seems to me to be so far away from anything interesting and that usually takes place in the core of Europe, from political decisions to technology hubs, ...)

And all of these reason just dwarf any issue that may arise. Most of them have a solution all of the time. Death is the only issue whose solutions is still not clear!

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