Thursday, 12 April 2012

Read it Later

Some days ago I purchased the Read it Later app for iPad.
Since I use to dedicate some time to reading articles in my iPad at night, just before going to bed, most of the time I feel exhausted after a workday, so I don´t feel like diving myself into reading a long article, and what is more important, getting to understand it, no matter how interesting it may be.
For that reason, I googled a bit these days until I found that great app called “Read it Later”, a free app available at the Apple Store that allows me to mark any article I may have visited via a web browser, twitter or whatever it may be, to make it avaialble offline for a later reading.
That way, I have all articles I’d love to read available wherever and whenever I want, no matter if I’m on or offline, so I can be commuting from office to office (be it in a bus, train or whatever) and spend some minutes to read those articles, gaining knowledge in any topic that may be of interest to me.
For that simple reason, I must confirm once again that the iPad is a great productivity tool, since most of my work can be done when on the move, and time shouldn´t be wasted at all, don´t you think?

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